flow with the phases


Welcome to this secret corner of DreamyMoons! Not many know of it's existence...

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Love, Annie 


Hi, hello, welcome.

My name is Annie, I am an independent artist on a mission to inspire you to look within, as I believe all the answers to your questions are found in your inner world. I started DreamyMoons in 2016, initially created to inspire me to paint more when I felt like I lost touch with my creative side. What was created simply for inspiration, turned into the most fulfilling full time job I could ever ask for.

Through making art again, I connected with my inner child and fulfilled my childhood dreams of creating my own books. I feel like I am living my true purpose. 

I want the whole world to feel like that. I want YOU to live your true purpose.

That’s why I do what I do. I hope you love all I have to offer.

Annie x