Artificial Intelligence Art vs Human Art

Artificial Intelligence generated art VS human hand made art.
I always say: to connect with peoples hearts, create from your heart. To connect with peoples minds, create from your mind.

There are several programs out there now utilising AI’s ability to generate art by analysing thousands of images on the internet. I can’t deny that some AI generated art is incredibly visually striking, yet something is missing and almost feels off-putting when you understand its a mere combination of colours and shapes a computer put together.

It pleases our eyes and minds yet not our hearts once we realise we are praising a non sentient creature.



Spiritually speaking, an artist is a vessel through which divine inspiration flows, a connector between the realm of ideas & imagination, and the physical world. Unlike Artificial Intelligence, which creates everything within itself or within the realm of the internet. Almost as if the internet is God to the AI, that invisible All-Knowingness. Yet, everything on the internet is created and written by humans and therefore in some way is a distortion of the Divine Consciousness. 

I don’t believe AI will ever be able to connect to the real Divinity, for you don’t connect using Intelligence, you connect using Heart and Spirit. This connection is directly linked to how awe-inspiring and emotionally-moving art can be. We create because we are moved by a wave of inspiration, a strong emotional desire to express a potent message. AI creates because it’s told to. 

Does AI generated art devalue human art due to its ability to create instantly and in unlimited quantities, or on the opposite increases the value of human, handmade, love infused creation that takes time and effort?

I trust it is the second… I know for a fact I’d rather put up a hand-painted artwork on my wall, full of textures, mistakes, messy, alive. Created by a human with a beating heart who held their breath as the brush touched the canvas. 


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