Let's get a bit personal...
A collection of hearts musings, thoughts, ideas, poetry, stories and self-reflection.


Reflection & Intention Setting Prompts
Questions to ponder and reflect on as we come to the end of this year, and transition into a new year, a new page...
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, you beautiful human! To help you set your 2023 goals, I curated a list of mindful intentions and healthy habits to incorporate. 
You Are Water
One day the tiny droplets in your last breath will evaporate and eventually fall back down in intricate snowflakes. Your blood will return to earth and decades later will make its way into a juicy fruit. 
DreamyMoons Gift Guide
With Christmas around the corner, I created a little conscious gift guide featuring 8 businesses I personally love, support, and buy from. These brands inspire mindfulness, presence and self love, which is what we want to make 2023 about!
Magic of Journaling
I have been journaling since I was 11. My entries back then were hilarious, pages full of boyband obsessions, dreams, and horse drawings. As I read back, I witness this beautiful transition from a girl to a mindful, heart-centred woman.
Artificial Intelligence Art vs Human Art
Does AI generated art devalue human art due to its ability to create instantly and in unlimited quantities, or on the opposite increases the value of human, handmade, love infused creation that takes time and effort?
Before Birth
We were soaring with the speed of light through the Universe. Through billions of stars, galaxies, glowing space clouds and suns. Moving so fast, that the colours of bright pinks, deep purples and cosmic blacks were swirling into one, like an abstract galactic painting.
Spirits of Ideas
I love to think of ideas and inspiration as spirits that come and visit from time to time, sometimes out of nowhere and other times when you are fully ready to receive them.

The more I focus on this bliss, the more it grows and the more I want to share it. I have enough of it to envelop all of my past and future selves in its rays. This is true freedom. To be able to easily return to love, over and over again.

The Birth of DreamyMoons
I put my love for the Universe and wild curiosity for all things beyond our understanding and beyond the physical realm into art and design - and that’s how DreamyMoons got to where it is today.
Power of Affirmations
In a subtle way, affirmations change your thought patterns. Believing that you’re destined to be wealthy inspires you to act with a greater assurance and to make decisions based on a sense of empowerment and security rather than fear or neediness.