Love-infused art by an independent artist, created with a deep intention to awaken your magic and make your wildest dreams come true; to help you remember who you are and fall in love with yourself in your entirety; to help you connect with the Universe and your Soul.


Shimmering with gold foil and radiating magic. Each card drawn by hand, channelled in a deep state of meditation, and self-published with love.


Guided and blank journals, keepers of your deepest dreams and musings, a safe space for your thoughts and memories, a friend to vent to, a guide to lead you into the depths of your soul.

self published artist

I am an independent artist on a mission to inspire you to look within, as I believe all the answers to your questions are found in your inner world. I started DreamyMoons in 2016, initially created to inspire me to paint more when I felt like I lost touch with my creative side. What was created simply for inspiration, turned into the most fulfilling full time job I could ever ask for.

Through making art again, I connected with my inner child and fulfilled my childhood dreams of creating my own books. I feel like I am living my true purpose. I want the whole world to feel like that. I want YOU to live your true purpose. That’s why I do what I do. I hope you love all I have to offer.

Annie x



I ordered the 2022 Year of Growth Journal and the Manifest Book, and in less than a year they have both helped me completely transform my reality. My experience with these books has been more helpful in my personal and spiritual growth than I could have imagined. My relationship with myself, the universe, and everyone in my life has expanded. Get ready, because when Annie says Year of Growth, she means it! It's safe to say that I will be a lifelong customer, and I can't wait for this continued journey!

Cecilia Woods

I have invested in a number of creations from Dreamy Moons: YOG journal and planner, art prints, stickers, hard cover journals, Dream Journal, the Cosmic Guidance Oracle Deck and most recently the Dreamy Moons Tarot. I adore everything Annie creates. Everything is beautiful, thoughtful, inspired and wholesome. I enjoy that she shares her creative process with her community online, it’s adds another level/depth of emotional investment I have for her products. Thank you for your creations, so excited for your adventures ahead! Love & Light

Rachael Barrie

Love A Journey Within Book. I have been working through the book and discovering things out about myself I never knew. Interesting to meet myself on this level. Awesome quality product. 100 % happy with my purchase. This would make a beautiful gift for someone special. Including yourself.


For 2022, I promised to journal every day. I saw a Journey Within Book online more based off of the aesthetics and good reviews. Little did I know, this journal would change my life. It is like a mini therapy session with yourself and an amazing way to look inward. I am currently in the middle of Chapter Two and I already have learned so much about myself through writing. This journal is a gorgeous journey that walks you through different parts of your mind, body, and soul. It has guided meditations, journal prompts, and stunning artwork. I am obsessed with this journal!! My friends have all asked me where I bought it from and I happily tell them it is from here. Truly the best purchase I made for myself.


Year of Growth Book is the most beautiful journal I have seen aesthetically. Equally it is practical and thought provoking. Reading only the intro pages I already feel relaxed. It looks like a book so I can keep it on my book shelf to remember past times and look back at my personal evolution over the coming years. Can’t wait to put it to good use.


Year of Growth Book is absolutely stunning, very high quality, beautiful designed. I have never seen anything like this before, such a treasure to be found. Even a lovely little card inside to brighten up my day. The little things like that make a big difference. I am now purchasing more items from the seller. Many thanks x


The Tarot cards are absolutely exquisite. As soon as I opened the box and saw the cards I got goosebumps. As I shuffled them the light glistened off the golden edges. I felt an inner connection and chose the card in my hand as my very first card. It was the Five of Crystals and I felt it was perfect for how I was feeling of late! Thank you so much for your love and talent! You have really outdone yourself. They are more beautiful in person than on screen!


Manifest Book is impeccable and gorgeous, almost too pretty to write in! A welcomed breath of fresh air from the many over-saturated ‘hustle!’ kind of manifestation workbooks. This book is perfectly suited to help you realise your goals in multiple areas of your life. Empowering and inspiring. Thank you!


I’ve ordered quite a few things so far… I have the Journey Within Book, the Manifest Book, the Gratitude & Dream Journals, the 2022 Year of Growth Book, Affirmation cards and Tarot cards! Every one of these items is a dream. Annie's artwork and messages are so beautiful and inspiring. They make me want to not only use her products (I had never journaled before now) but they also make me want to express myself more creatively on a day to day basis.