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Love-infused art by an independent artist, created with a deep intention to awaken your magic and make your wildest dreams come true; to help you remember who you are and fall in love with yourself in your entirety; to help you connect with the Universe, and therefore, your Soul.


A5 size, 180 pages, 120gsm.
With affirmations on the first page, a mindfulness exercise on the other side, and gold foiled page edges.
A perfect little time capsule for your ideas, memories, dreams or experience.


No need to wait until your order arrives...

Brew a cup of herbal tea, light a candle, play soft music and get in your comfy clothes. Treat your mind and soul to creativity and journaling at this very moment. Print at home or fill out digitally.

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Annie Tarasova

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Received as a gift, and without realising it, received at the perfect time. Needing a little personal peace and harmony, the affirmation cards help me settle in times of stress and re-ground myself, and if nothing else, they’re gorgeous to look at and cycle through for a little self-reflection and, well...affirmation!

Jahmiele / @jahmoomoo

This book has literally changed my outlook on life!
I’ve always been a person who believes in the power of your mind but I never truely trusted that I could change the circumstances around me by using manifestion.. until this book! It’s written so simply that it makes perfect sense and the book itself is one of the most beautiful things I own! I especially love being able to create my own vision boards and really work on manifesting different things.
This is a true work of art in ever sense of the word and I love it with my whole soul.

Holly Witte

I take this special book with me where ever I go. It has allowed me to pause, reflect and transform my life in the most wonderfully simple way. The 2020 diary is full of hand drawn illustrations and gold details but what’s even more beautiful is the context within the pages. The affirmations and moon phases are my favourite!

Katie / @kthannahsmith

One of the most beautiful card decks I own, out of 30+ decks. Packaged in a beautiful pouch, with a thoughtful and elegant note. I love the larger size, and the card quality is unbelievable. This is genuinely one of the only decks I have ever considered purchasing a back-up of. Pictures can’t begin to do the look or feel of these cards justice. Please, do yourself a favor and buy this deck (/support this shop!). Thank you, Annie, for a beautiful product!

Marie / via Etsy

I love this cute crystal hanging being now part of my bedroom and I love these beautiful affirmation cards and how their art and purpose bring positive vibes, happiness and peace of mind into our every day life. Great way how to start the morning ritual :)
Communication was super fast, the quality is great and the packaging was nice. Definitely not the last order! :)

Pieni / via Etsy

I absolutely adore this book, not only does it make me feel inspired, but also strong and powerful, knowing that I can truely achieve anything I put my mind to. I love that the second half of the book is more personal; for you to write your own goals and dreams! This is my go to for when I need that little extra motivation and positive energy ‚ú®

Taela / @_tae_m

Manifest book helped me bring my daily rituals, self-care and magic all together.

Valeria / @cosmicvaleria

This journal is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself!  I love to make plans and to check things off my to-do list, but I can really struggle with seeing the big picture and processing through growth in multiple areas of my life at once.  Thankfully, the Year of Growth journal is *completely* transforming the way I interact with my to-do lists because it encourages me to slow down and reflect, appreciate the good in each day, and envision big picture goals for the week, month, and year.  Plus, it's *super* beautiful, which keeps me motivated to open it daily, and the inspirational notes throughout are deeply encouraging.

I have never felt more empowered in creating and manifesting a life I love! I will definitely be buying another for next year!

Britta / @britta.hamilton

2020 Year of Growth is a book and journal that helps me each and everyday to carve out time and space for myself. It reminds me to embrace the power of a consistent gratefulness practice and to clear my mind. This book is filled with beautiful works of art and treasures of positivity. Thank you Annie!

Juliette I.K / @julsie_bee_