I often think about how boring it is when you don't know who's business you are supporting. Their story, values, their passions. DreamyMoons is so personal to me - it's art straight from my depths heart, so I want you to know who I am.  

So, hi. Here's a little bit about me...

I spent my childhood at a summer house in the Russian countryside. No phones, no computers, no internet. Not even a proper bathroom. Everything was raw and simple, and I loved it that way because I didn’t know any better. 

I loved it even when the house was falling apart and the kitchen floors were falling through, revealing rich earth underneath. It was so damn beautiful. Sunlight filtering through abundant apple trees, warm summer breeze playing with vintage curtains. I remember those curtains like it was yesterday, patterned with dark emerald leaves and canary birds.

I remember making magical potions out of dew drops and flower petals that could heal anything and everything. I remember how curious I was. Always looking for magic or creating my own.

Inspired by everything around me, I made my own books. I made up stories about the Atlantis, magic, mermaids and unicorns, illustrated them and stapled sheets of paper together, calling it a book. That’s what I wanted to do as an ‘adult’, only I didn’t know a job like that actually exists. And that is what I do now, thanks to the connection I have with my inner child.

When I was 11, I moved from Russia to Australia. I left my magical forests and the land I called home, for a reason I didn’t fully understand at the time. Now as an adult I realise it was a smart and important decision that my parents made, to give me and my sisters a better future with more opportunities.

Everything was different, and I felt different too. An outcast. Although for the better in the long run, this experience made me want to hide who I was. It made me want to pretend to be someone else in order to fit in, to be liked and accepted. Differences are celebrated when you are an adult. But when you are 11, the last thing you want is to be different. 

That was when I lost myself a little. I didn’t draw as much, and I definitely didn’t make books.

Eventually, at 20 years old, I remembered my true calling whilst studying Naturopathy (natural Health Science). 

While focusing on my studies, I slowly lost touch with my creative side. I wasn’t making any art. Studying took up all of my time. I felt dissonance within my mind and body. 

Looking back on this period, I now know that was the Universe telling me: “You learned what you’ve had to learn here. Now, let’s return to the path that was always meant for you, my child.”

In the middle of my second year at college, I opened up my little online art store. It was an overnight decision. I didn’t do any research and I didn’t know anything about business. One day I just thought - why not - and the next day DreamyMoons was born. I didn’t expect anything from it apart from motivation to be creative again. I had zero expectations, and therefore could not fail at what I was doing. My heart was happy, however. It said: “finally.”

As soon as I started putting all of my time and energy into art, it flourished and grew like a beautiful rose garden.


Be Here Now by Ram Dass
The Celestine Prophecy
by James Redfield
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

North NSW, Australia
Tasmania, Australia
Kauai, Hawaii
Wanaka, New Zealand
& anywhere with gigantic moutains.

Making art
Trying to teach myself piano
Dancing by myself
Sharing homecooked meals with friends

Favourite quote:

“You are immortal; you’ve existed for billions of years in different manifestations, because you are Life, and Life cannot die. You are in the trees, the butterflies, the fish, the air, the moon, the sun. Wherever you go, you are there, waiting for yourself.”
- Don Miguel Ruiz