Before Birth

“The Return”

I once had a dream
That I was a soul.
Belonged to a child
That’s yet to be born.

Shooting through the cosmos,
A body of light,
Trying to get to earth
When the time is just right. 

You see, I had to reach Earth
As a baby is born
So I have a body
And so I can return. 

But was it a dream
Or was it a memory?
May be it’s something
I’m slowly remembering...

(I had this dream when I was only thirteen. 
I’ve been thinking about it ever since)”


We were soaring with the speed of light through the Universe. Through billions of stars, galaxies, glowing space clouds and suns. Moving so fast, that the colours of bright pinks, deep purples and cosmic blacks were swirling into one, like an abstract galactic painting. I felt joyous and free.

I was invisible, they were invisible, but I knew what I was, and what they were. We were little bundles of energy, souls as some would call. Forces of life, united but separate. We were on a mission. Somehow I knew that I needed to get to our planet Earth at a specific time, at a specific second. I needed to get to Earth on time so when a baby is born, it has a life force. It has a soul. That Universal energy that fuels our growth. A force of life that is present in every living thing that grows- in every plant, every bird, every crystal and every animal.

That is what I was. I was that force of life, not yet present in anything. Not yet constrained to a physical form. I could see the Earth rapidly getting closer and closer as we raced to the planet.

I have no idea what happened after that, as I woke up in complete confusion, disbelief and curiosity. 

Never have I wondered what happens after death and what happened before birth, until I dreamt the most vivid and unforgettable dream.

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