DreamyMoons Gift Guide

With Christmas around the corner, I created a little conscious gift guide featuring 8 businesses I personally love, support, and buy from. These brands inspire mindfulness, presence and self love, which is what we want to make 2023 about!

I am not affiliated with any of the brands in this blog post, (well apart from DreamyMoons, of course!) and I don't receive commission for any purchases made on their websites.


Mindful Magic

I mean... how could I not include myself?
Thoughtful gift ideas for lovers of journaling, magic, and self care.

Particularly popular gifts have been our DreamyMoons Tarot, 2023 Year of Growth Book and Gratitude Journal.



Conscious Skincare

For absolutely anyone who wants to simplify their skin routine with these beautiful, potent plant potions. Bluem draws from ancient wisdom and traditional practices to present a beauty line that encourages self love and true sustainability. From seed to skin, Bluem has worked to minimise the impact on our planet by only using pure, potent and locally sourced ingredients while tracing the supply chain to ensure ethical and sustainable harvest practices are emphasised throughout their entire product line.



Healing Aromatherapy

I have loved Hanako for many many years. I am big on aromatherapy - I find it very grounding. Hanako’s range of therapeutic products was created to provide a healthy, natural solution to synthetic scents. Using only pure essential oils and gem and flower essences, crystal infused water and mantra their blends not only smell divine but embrace the healing properties of nature. 



Unique Homewares 

I fell in love with Jen’s work ever since we did a swap! I sent her my books, and she sent me her beautiful plant pot, mug and candle. Since then I have received countless compliments from friends on my homewares. Jens handmade pieces would look beautiful in any home and will make you smile every time you look at them. (her next restock is 11 December!)


Indigo Luna

Eco Friendly Yoga & Swim Wear

This one is my go-to. The comfiest clothes ever. I am an avid yogi and these are the kinds of clothes I can lounge in, do yoga, run my daily errands, and once again stretch before bed. 


Krystle Knight 

Handcrafted Jewellery

Inspired by the universe + its magic; KKJ collections are dreamt up by Krystle and brought to life by the same artisans in Indonesia, who started the journey with her back in 2013.

There is a sense of connection that comes with each piece. A connection to the earth, where the crystal is formed. A connection to community; through the hands that have lovingly designed, and hand crafted the jewellery with intention. And a connection to the universe; through the radiating power and the magical properties of crystals.




Self Love Poetry 

For poetry lovers… Ellie is my close friend who inspires me every day with her beautiful heart, open mind, and passion for personal development and self love. Her poetry is soul soothing and healing. In her words you will find comfort and peace, while also inspiration and motivation to live your dream.



Wandering Folk

Handcrafted Picnic Rugs

To go with our self-love theme, here are beautiful rugs for you to lie on as you journal, read or daydream. Perhaps your intention for 2023 is more picnics? 1% of all sales are donated to Rainforest Rescue, whose projects are re-establishing rainforests, protecting high conservation value rainforest to preserve its biodiversity.



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