Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, you beautiful human!
May it be a year of love, healing, abundance, wisdom, growth and miracles.
To help you set your 2023 goals, I curated a list of mindful intentions and healthy habits to incorporate. Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything on this list. Pick up to five to focus on this year. Remember that consistency is key. 

  1. Less screen time 

  2. More time in nature 

  3. Meditation

  4. Cut caffeine intake

  5. Learn a new skill

  6. Intentionally drink more water

  7. Give thanks before every meal

  8. Stretch every morning

  9. Gardening 

  10. Start a creative project

  11. More time for your hobbies

  12. Read more books

  13. Create a morning routine 

  14. Open your heart to love

  15. Stretch before bed 

  16. Go camping with friends  

  17. Get out of comfort zone 

  18. More cooking at home

  19. Fall in love with yourself 

  20. Connect with your inner child 

  21. Cold showers 

  22. More patience with yourself 

  23. Get into painting 

  24. Declutter 

  25. Prioritise sleep

  26. Limit news consumption 

  27. Go on a solo trip 

  28. Dance more often

  29. More weekend trips 

  30. Set healthy boundaries 

  31. Find beauty in the ordinary

  32. Less TV

  33. Start a gratitude journal

  34. Find a way to exercise that you lov

  35. Wake up earlier 

  36. Invite more romance into your life

  37. Embrace change and transformation

  38. Cut alcohol intake 

  39. Journal every day 

  40. Go to bed early 

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