Magic of Journaling

I have been journaling since I was 11. My entries back then were hilarious, pages full of boyband obsessions, dreams, and horse drawings. As I read back, I witness this beautiful transition from a girl to a mindful, heart-centred woman.

Journaling has been an incredibly healing tool for me.
Let me tell you why...

Writing down what is weighing on your mind is cleansing for your mind and soul. Through journaling, you can release and let go of emotions, identify negative thinking patterns and behaviours and figure out what is holding you back from being your best self. Through self reflection you become more self-aware and learn from your mistakes. Setting intentions helps you identify what you desire and how to achieve it.

Journaling helps to reduce stress and anxiety by helping you deal with overwhelming emotions by letting those thoughts and feelings out. Your diary is your sacred place to confess your struggles, fears, dreams and goals without any judgement.

Writing daily also helps to focus on areas of your life that you wish to improve on, such as positive thinking or gratitude. Through journaling, you get to know yourself better. It will become clear what makes you happy and confident, or on the other hand, what situations or people in your life are toxic.

Journaling also improves memory (as you are re-telling what happened to you in the day), strengthens focus and self-discipline, develops imagination and creative thinking, and improves communication skills.

It is up to you how you wish to journal. Some prefer to write about how their day went and what they did, noting down memorable moments of the day and therefore creating a time capsule for their future self to look back on. Some find a safe space in between the pages and write about their feelings and emotions, situations that made them feel a certain way. Others might like to open a journal once a powerful idea or a thought that they want to expand on comes into their mind. 

Love, Annie x

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