Spirits of Ideas

I love to think of ideas and inspiration as spirits that come and visit from time to time, sometimes out of nowhere and other times when you are fully ready to receive them. I first read about this concept seven years ago in a book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. You know it's a damn good book if a concept sticks to you like that and comes through in "real life" over and over again... it's such a privilege to be visited by an idea. Like you have been chosen. But you must respect and honour that idea, devote yourself to it fully, otherwise it will leave you and find someone else capable of giving it justice and making it come to life. 

Often out of nowhere, usually in early hours of the morning, an idea jumps into my mind. I see it fully, I see the finished "product" in vivid detail. My heart starts racing like crazy in moments like these, all of a sudden I am overfilled with energy to start as soon as possible. Other times I have to call it in. I love to get ready for my inspiration, as if going on a date. Putting a beautiful dress on, playing music and lighting candles around the house, infusing the space with divine feminine energy to call in that good good.

I am not a perfectionist (anymore). Pretty much all of DreamyMoons was guided by these spirits of ideas, by this energy of inspiration. I act a lot on a whim and don't overthink my ideas.

Instead of judging by "how many people will like this?" I judge ideas by "how strong is the desire in me to make this happen?"

In my case 100% of the time, if the desire is extremely strong, and the intention is pure, the finished creation is loved by many.

To connect with people's minds, lead with mind. To connect with people's hearts, lead with your heart.

Tips to manifest inspiration:

∙ Make sure you have the time and the space to receive inspiration. I am most uninspired when I am constantly in a rush or thinking about the future. Inspiration requires patience and presence.

∙ Literally talk to it as if it was a separate entity. Say hello. Introduce yourself. Invite inspiration to come hang out with you for a while. 

∙ Take yourself on a walk, or do yoga, or dance. Do something that doesn't require much thinking. Get into that meditative flow state. Inspiration lives there.

∙ Release the pressure to be constantly inspired all of the time. You won't be, it's just not realistic. We are humans, we are a part of nature, we flow in phases, we have seasons. Sometimes as soon as you let go, inspiration appears.

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