The Birth of DreamyMoons

The Birth of DreamyMoons

Hello, my name is Annie. I make my living purely from my art.

Sometimes I think that may be we all have our own life paths, and no matter what decision you make, the universe will gently lead you back to the path you were always meant to be on.

I’ve been painting and creating since I was little, and I was convinced that I wanted to study design after I finish school. At the very last minute, in the middle of my final year at school, I had a change of mind. May be it was because I was scared of too much competition in the art & design field and I didn’t think I would be able to stand out enough to be successful. So, after high school, I went to study health science. It was wildly interesting, but after a year I felt like something was missing. While focusing on studying, I slowly lost touch with my creative side. In the middle of my second year at Uni, I opened my own Etsy shop.

To be completely honest with you, it was an overnight decision.

I haven’t done my research and I didn’t know anything about owning a business or what I was doing. One day I just thought - why not - and the next day DreamyMoons was born. I didn’t expect anything from it apart from motivation to be creative again.

After I was done with my second year at Uni, I decided to take a break for 6 months. My Etsy took off, I was painting, traveling, creating, and soon enough realized that I was living my dream life. At that stage of my life, going back to Uni meant stripping myself of this freedom and time to create.

Spending my time on anything other than art seemed funny at that point.

 I had 3 more years of Uni to go if I wanted to get my health science degree, but all I could think of is art. I understood that from young age I’ve known that this is what I want to do. Instead of going back, I put all of my energy into art and DreamyMoons.

I put my love for the Universe and wild curiosity for all things beyond our understanding and beyond the physical realm into art and design - and that’s how DreamyMoons got to where it is today.

Being able to share my art with the world is something I will never take for granted. What a journey it has been. What a journey IT WILL be.






  • Becky Doves

    Annie, I would just like to say, you inspire me everyday and I feel like your art is so powerful and the meaning of each piece is beautiful. Thankyou

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