You Are Water

“You are water, whirling water,
Yet still water trapped within,
Come, submerge yourself within us,
We who are the flowing stream.”



One day the tiny droplets in your last breath will evaporate and eventually fall back down in intricate snowflakes. Your blood will return to earth and decades later will make its way into a juicy fruit. 

Since the beginning of our planet, water has been recycling over and over, again and again and again... The amount of water the world currently has is the same amount of water we’ve always had. Through water we energetically connect to everyone on the planet, past present and future.

You are drinking the same water all of your past selves drank and all future selves will drink; the water your ancestors drank and all beings on earth. Running through your veins is water that was once the ocean, your tears were once the rain and your blood once belonged to another being. Your tea or coffee was once a traveling cloud or a gigantic glacier. 

How beautiful it is to stop and remember the magic of what is such a big part of our every day lives that we forget to honour it. How beautiful it is to be a part of it all.



✧ Visiting a waterhole / creek / river. Sit by the edge of the water and listen carefully. Take it all in.

✧ Dancing and flowing, moving like water does. Release all judgment and move freely, become soft and fluid.

✧ Staying hydrated throughout your day, drinking high quality purified water.

✧ As you shower, visualise all worries and negative energy leaving your body, following water dow the drain.

✧ Dance in the rain.

✧ Have a bath with a few drops of lavender oil.

✧ Cry if you need to.


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