2022 Diaries Misprints

Hello beautiful human, 
Annie here - the artist & writer behind DreamyMoons and the 2022 diaries. 
With a heavy heart I am letting you know that some misprints were discovered in the diaries after they have already been all printed. It's been heartbreaking discovering this as I worked hard on creating the best diaries for 2022 and, goes without saying, I learned my lesson to check my work not 10 times, but 20. Thankfully, the misprints are not significant enough to diminish the purpose and the magic of the diaries, and the diaries can still be used as intended.
2 monthly overviews are affected in each book. A monthly overview is a grid spread across two pages at the start of each month.
2022 Daily Planner
January - should start on Saturday 1st Jan (NOT Friday 1st)
September - should start on Thursday 1st Sept (NOT Monday 1st and only have 30 days)
2022 Year of Growth
September - should start on Thursday 1st Sept (NOT Wednesday 1st)
October - should start on Saturday 1st Oct (NOT Friday 1st)
I also included all of January for those who's orders have been delayed in transit.
The daily journaling dates are correct and monthly overviews can still be used accordingly if you just cross out the ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc” line at the top as that is what doesn’t align with the numbers. That way you can still use the dated boxes to write in. Unfortunately we found out too late about this, and we can not re-print the books. All I can do now, is make you aware about it, and offer a discount on the books.
The diaries are now 20% off, and the daily planner is 50% off.
Due to the misprints + it already being end of January.
* If you did purchase the diary at FULL retail price, you are eligible for a 15% refund.
I do hope you can look past the errors and open your heart to these tools for self reflection, mindfulness, intention setting and manifestation. All my love, and all the best for 2022! 
Love, Annie
Monthly overview spread example: